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Our cloud based wellness solutions provides an effective platform for efficient collection, storage and analysis of health data. Know more about our solutions and how they can help you and your family make the right health decisions.

  • Health Risk Assessment

    Based on a series of questions and clinically validated models, our unique Health Risk Assessment solution helps figure how well you are doing on various health aspects, identify your health risks (if any) and provide a personalized care plan.
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  • Personal Health Record

    Our cloud based Health Portal, provides you an easy way to keep track of self and family's health conditions, get rid of paper based reports and have a secured access to your vital health information 24/7. Sing-up to learn more about our PHR and start using it.
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  • Analytics Dashboard

    This real time health trends dashboard helps employers and partners gain a greater understanding of their population. Built using proprietary and evidence based algorithms; the analytics dashboard would provide you with real time, aggregated view of various health trends and employee/user health risks.
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This platform can help corporates manage their employee wellness initiatives, users to be in better control of their health and healthcare providers to build a holistic wellness and preventive care offering.

  • Corporates

    As an employer, you know that a worksite wellness program can drive your costs down - if it's done right. And by right, you mean expertly and affordably. That's where we come in..
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  • Individual

    Users can take HRA & build medical profile, update medical history, share medical records with specialists, upload medical documents (reports, prescriptions, bills etc.).
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  • Healthcare Service Providers

    You want to complement your existing business with easy-to-manage, rock-solid wellness tools. AllizHealth is right there with you.
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"Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up."

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Project Manager

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Please feel free to contact us regarding support for the wellness portal or anything else you would like to discuss.