Health Tips

A good health is achieved by following a few collective patterns which are health related. These healthy patterns will lead to reduced illness which in turn will also help save a lot of money that we turn up spending for recovering from various illnesses.


  • The peels and the pulp of peaches possess significant antioxidant properties.
  • Peaches contain potassium, which is vital for proper nerve signaling and cellular functioning of the body.
  • Peaches help in maintaining healthy skin owing to the presence of a good amount of vitamin C, which also provides a defense against harmful free radicals and infections.
  • Peaches are rich in beta-carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A within the body.
  • Peaches contain bioactive components that have shown beneficial effects in combating obesity-related disorders.


  • Gooseberries are used in many hair tonics because it enriches hair growth and hair pigmentation. It strengthens the roots of hair, maintains color, and improves luster.
  • Drinking Gooseberry juice with honey is good for improving eyesight and studies have shown it to improve near-sightedness and cataracts while reducing intra-ocular tension.
  • Amla is rich in protein which helps in cellular growth, muscle development, organ health, and a wide range of metabolic activities that we need to remain healthy.

       Peppermint Oil

  • Peppermint oil acts as a painkiller and muscle relaxant. Helpful in sore muscles and melting away tension headache.
  • Peppermint removes your sinuses and offer relief to scratchy throats. Do provide relief form colds, cough, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • Adding few drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo and conditioner to stimulate scalp removes dandruff, energize mind and to wake up!
  • Peppermint oil hydrate burnt skin and relieve the pain from sunburn. Mix Pepermint oil with coconut oil and apply directly on affected area.

       Lemon Water

  • Citrus fruit like lemon is good source of vitamin C, is a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals.
  • Vitamin C helps protect form cardiovascular diseases and lower blood pressure.
  • Keep your breath sweeter by drinking a glass of lemon water after meals and first thing in the morning. Lemon is thought to stimulate saliva.
  • Lemons significantly reduced weight gain caused by a high-fat diet in mice.
  • Drinking lemon water the first thing you do when you wake up may help get your digestive system moving.


  • Aerobic exercise has been shown to increase your confidence, emotional stability, memory, and brain function.
  • Besides strengthening your heart and lungs, aerobic exercise can help lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes.
  • Aerobic exercise burns up calories, which can in turn help you shed excess weight.
  • In addition to looking better and being healthier, aerobic exercise increases your stamina, giving you more energy for both work and play.
  • Improve your immune function, lower your blood pressure, you will sleep better and wil handle stress better.


  • Going on a gluten-free diet? Add almonds to it. They provide much needed iron, fiber and protein.
  • Almonds help reduce the risk of heart disease. They are rich in magnesium, which prevents heart attacks and hypertension
  • Almonds are ideal for headaches as they contain salicin, which is an agent in painkillers
  • Almonds have folic acid, which helps to protect a fetus from birth defects. They also help in healthy cell growth and tissue configuration
  • The potassium present in almonds helps to regulate blood pressure, and they are low in sodium, helping manage blood pressure


  • Feel a headache coming on? Cut a green apple in half and smell it to reduce the brain thumping symptoms of a migraine.
  • Eating apples reduces chances of getting a stroke.
  • Ice apple is highly nutritious and is loaded with carbohydrates. It has a nearly neutral ph reading.
  • Water apples or Syzygium samarangense, are loaded with Vitamin A. They help to maintain good eye health.
  • Your pearly whites can gleam. Eat apples, oranges, celery, carrots and high fiber green.
  • Biting and chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria.

       Apple cider vinegar

  • Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandruff. It has enzymes, which will help open hair follicles.
  • Apple cider vinegar is known to lower blood glucose. It also helps with weight loss and reduces one’s blood pressure.
  • Apple cider vinegar has germicidal properties that can help cure a sore throat. Gargle with equal quantities of water and apple cider vinegar.

       Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera juice helps treat gastroesophageal reflux, which causes heart burn and chest pain by soothing the stomach lining and providing relief
  • For dandruff-free hair, apply Aloe Vera gel to the scalp 15 minutes prior to washing
  • People suffering from sinus problems should have Aloe Vera juice. It is rich in magnesium lactate, which helps reduce sinus troubles
  • Antioxidants and vitamin E present in Aloe Vera reduce puffiness around the eyes and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay
  • Aloe Vera gel is loaded with proteolytic enzymes that help remove dead skin and cells.


  • Eat two bananas before a strenuous workout to pack an energy punch and sustain your blood sugar level.
  • On a hot day, eat a banana to lower your body temperature. It will also help you bring a fever down.
  • Bananas are high in magnesium and potassium which relax the blood vessels and maintain electrolyte balance to cure a headache.
  • Bananas can reduce cramps associated with menstruation as they are loaded with potassium, which helps reduce water retention.
  • Packed with natural sugars, and higher in starch than most other fruit, bananas provide the perfect blend of instant and slow-releasing energy


  • Basil has low calories and is rich in compounds known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Basil is rich in Vitamin K. It helps in strengthening of bones and also has anti-ageing properties
  • Basil leaves are loaded with phytonutrients and healing oils. They help to fight off and cure fevers
  • For an insect bite, chew a basil leaf or apply the juice of the leaf on the affected area
  • Research suggests that this Ayurvedic herb, also called holy basil, may help manage levels of the stress hormone cortisol, helping to boost your mood.


  • A serving of beans, rich in protein, will make you full, restrict blood sugar and stave off hunger.
  • Kidney beans are an excellent dietary choice for diabetics and those who want to stabilize their blood sugar levels.
  • Having trouble sleeping? Have soybeans. They contain magnesium, which affects the quality of sleep.
  • Expecting mothers should add green beans to their diet — they are a good source of folates which help in cell division.
  • Green beans are rich in folates, which help in cell division and DNA synthesis. They are great for women in their pre-conception period and pregnancy


  • Beetroot are rich in soluble fibres that help reduce and control bad cholesterol. Add them to your regular diet.
  • Beetroot has nitrates which ensure adequate blood supply and hence oxygenation to all parts of the body equally. This, in turn, prevents fatigue.
  • Have a glass of beetroot juice every day to keep osteoporosis and brittle bone disease at bay.
  • Beetroot can increase the blood flow to the brain which in turn reduces the effect of dementia.
  • Beetroot helps maintain healthy skin by reducing acne and pimples.

       Bitter gourd

  • Bitter gourd is rich in beta-carotene and potassium. It helps relieve constipation and improves circulation.
  • Bitter gourd is a rich source of cellulose, which takes care of the quota of fibre that your body needs, thus improving digestion.
  • Bitter gourd fights viruses and bacteria and strengthens your immunity. It prevents allergies and indigestion.
  • Bitter gourd is a rich source of cellulose, which adds to you daily dietary requirement of fibre and improves digestion.
  • Bitter gourd is essential for maintaining good cardio-vascular health. It helps reduce bad cholesterol that clogs up the arteries.


  • In addition to reducing cholesterol, broccoli can aid in heart health by helping to keep blood vessels strong.
  • Add More broccoli to your diet as it is a rich sources of antioxidant carotenoids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Broccoli is rich in fibre and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also improves insulin sensitivity.
  • For optimum health it is vital to include both soluble and insoluble fibre daily. Soluble fibre is found in foods such as psyllium husk, apples, oat bran and legumes (chickpeas, lentils). Sources of insoluble fibre include whole grains, broccoli, nuts, seeds and vegetable skins.


  • Cabbage is known for its high levels of sodium, which help in detoxification of the liver.
  • Cabbage are rich sources of minerals that are integral in the protection of bones from degradation.
  • Cabbage has a range of health benefits — they are a great source of Vitamin C and are loaded with manganese.
  • Cabbage, being rich in iodine, helps in proper functioning of the brain and the nervous system.


  • Cardamom works as a warm digestive tonic that can deal with indigestion, flatulence and acidity.
  • Cardamoms are very helpful to detox the body. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and remove excess urea and toxins from the kidney.
  • Black cardamom is useful for people suffering from respiratory problems. The spice warms up the respiratory tract to facilitate air circulation.

       Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil can increase your energy expenditure, helping you burn more fat.
  • Coconut oil lowers cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease. It is a great grooming product as well, for the skin and hair.
  • A dab of coconut oil on a cotton pad is a natural makeup remover. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin without harming it.
  • Applying coconut oil on the skin helps its connective tissues remain strong and prevents wrinkles
  • Coconut oil lowers cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease. It is a great grooming product as well for the skin and hair


  • Dates contain organic sulfur, which help in the reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.
  • Dates contain magnesium, which helps reduce blood pressure
  • Dates are known to boost the immune system as they are loaded with nutrients. Eating them regularly keeps chronic diseases at bay.
  • Dates are loaded with minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, making it a great snack
  • Dates are rich in carotene and lutein, that are useful for the eyes. They secure the retina and avert mascular degeneration


  • Eat eggs regularly to make your hair lustrous and shiny. They are loaded with Vitamin E, which makes hair stronger
  • Soak your fingernails in a mix of warm milk and egg yolk for 10 minutes to nourish and smoothen cuticles
  • Eggs are rich in Vitamin D. They strengthen the immune system and make the body resist common ailments.
  • Eggs contain a nutrient called choline, which is used to build cell membranes and produce signalling molecules in the brain.
  • If you want to increase your intake of protein, have more eggs. They have nutrients like vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin D, B6 and B12

       Fennel seeds

  • Fennel seeds are a good source of dietary fiber, it helps improve digestion and facilitates the breakdown of food molecules
  • Drinking fennel tea on a regular basis helps flush out excess fluids from the body as it works as a diuretic
  • Fennel seeds are considered a carminative, a substance that helps relieve gas. Chew and then swallow about half a teaspoon of the seeds after meals
  • Drink fennel tea made from brewing fennel seeds in water. It will help cure acne and make your skin look youthful.
  • Fennel is good for cardiovascular health. They decrease the re-absorption of cholesterol by the body


  • Have a runny nose? Add garlic to your diet to help reduce the severity of illnesses like flu and common cold
  • Suffering from hair loss? Infuse oil with garlic and massage it into your scalp for luscious locks.
  • Garlic is low in calories and rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Manganese.
  • Garlic helps remove scars and marks from the skin. Just add mashed garlic to any hot oil and massage the affected area.
  • Spices such as garlic, pepper and coriander should be added in the diet to help improve the immune system


  • Mixing a teaspoon of honey in a glass of pomegranate juice is sure to cure indigestion problems
  • Having a simple concoction of honey and cinnamon can help keep your breath fresh
  • Honey works as a natural antibiotic, killing the propionibacterium which causes acne. Its acidic property doesn’t allow bacteria to grow on your skin.
  • A teaspoon of honey with freshly crushed pepper can help provide relief from cold and cough.
  • For dry skin, apply avocado paste with honey on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes


  • Litchi keeps digestion strong, maintains a clean stomach, improves appetite and cures heartburn and burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Keep your skin supple and healthy by eating litchis. They are loaded with antioxidants and battle the damage caused any free radicals.
  • Litchi is a rich source of phosphorus and magnesium, which aids in strengthening brittle bones.
  • Litchis are rich in phytochemicals and have antineoplastic properties. These chemicals curb abnormal cell growth and prevent cataract formation.


  • Add more mangoes to your diet. Rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, it protects one from breast and prostrate cancer.
  • If you experience weakness, then eat a piece of mango every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Mangoes are loaded with antioxidants. They prevent pigmentation and early onset of wrinkles.
  • Mangoes are rich in antioxidants. They help in cell rejuvenation and cell repair. They also prevent the occurrence of acne
  • One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 per cent of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which prevents dry eyes.


  • A small piece of onion when inhaled can slow down the bleeding through the nose
  • Onions contain chromium, which assists in regulating blood sugar.
  • Onions are an effective cure for common cold, sore throat and allergies. Have a spoonful of onion juice mixed with honey to cure symptoms.
  • Honey onion soup is wonderful for healing sore throats.
  • If you suffer from constant hair fall, then consume onions. They have a high sulphur content, which strengthens them


  • Having papaya in your diet will help you prevent recurrent ear infections, cold and flu.
  • Papaya can help keep your digestive system healthy. It helps keep indigestion, acid reflux and stomach ulcers at bay.
  • Applying papaya paste over your face and leaving it for 30 minutes can help reduce pimples.
  • Being a good source of Vitamin A and Papain, papaya helps in removing dead skin cells along with breaking down the inactive proteins.
  • Papaya has great antimicrobial properties that help to kill bacteria, and help heal a wound faster.


  • To rid yourself of sleepiness, shake drops of aromatherapy oils like rosemary, lemon or juniper on a tissue and inhale for a few seconds.
  • Before a meeting, try smelling fresh rosemary to stay sharp.
  • Rosemary has been known to improve one’s mood and alleviate extra anxiety and stress.
  • Rosemary is a rich source of Vitamin A, which is required for maintaining mucous membranes.
  • Rosemary is known for its astringent and antibacterial properties. It helps treat dental issues and prevents plaque from forming.


  • Add a healthy dose of spinach to your diet for all your vitamin K needs. It will help fortify your bones.
  • Add more spinach to your diet as it is rich in vitamins and minerals and is also loaded with phytonutrients such as carotenoids.
  • Spinach is high in vitamin C, which helps to lower hypertension and also reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Spinach is rich in the amino acid glutamine, which raises growth hormone level and protein synthesis boosting leucine in muscle tissue.
  • Spinach is very good for maintaining gastrointestinal health. It has beta-carotene and Vitamin C which protect the colon.


  • Eat five teaspoons of tomato paste daily for better sun protection. The fruit’s lycopene helps improve the skin’s sun protection factor.
  • Eating foods that are rich in water content and fibre like tomatoes can help with hydration and promote regular bowel movements.
  • Have at least five portions of vegetables and fruit a day, especially tomatoes, red grapes.
  • Since tomatoes are in Vitamin A, they work well to keep your hair strong and lustrous.
  • Tomatoes are loaded with potassium. The mineral is useful for stabilising one’s heart rate and prevents heart diseases.